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Jan. 28th, 2004

08:40 pm - like 4 months later

its been like months since ive even thought about this LJ thing. Wieeerd how so much shit can happen over a small amount of time- though it feels like more then four months since i just really started school and adjusted to my new life style at PSU. Now i have 4 more days till i go back for my next semester. I love the people there and my 17 incredible new sisters. My roommates- well i cant even express how lucky i am to have such funny, caring girls too share a room with for a school year. They have been there for me through things and i hope they feel the same about me. We have our lil roomy outings and though the three of us are complete opposites i think thats what makes us get along so well. My sisters. They have introduced me to this amazing bond. The times spent with them are unforgettable and learning about 17 individual, incredible girls is helping me grow each and every day. I can really be me around them... and i like that feeling. Nicole- we have been through so much together, have become sisters together, have eachothers backs, couldnt imagine not having this skank in my life. Jamie and Gina- two other whores who i would be lost without. Share everything & anything with both of them. Can cry and laugh with them and be totally insane with. Karen- we have held our friendship even through losing many mutual friends since high school, many laughs shared between us and crazy times. Deanna- my twin sister living down South, bf instantly & 2nd family. Jackie- our friendship will always be there, when we are together its like the good ole days. We can pick up were we left off and i love that about her. Ames- what can i say about this girl. We never have a bad time together & her laughter is def contagious. Thank you all for the unconditional memories and more to come over the years. College well all i have to say is i have second semester- ooops. Oh and guys- they suck, except for the choosen few who have been exeptional friends & i can be like one of the guys around.
Like the movie said "you cant loose something you never had"...and though it seemed like this perfect lil moment it went away too quickly. However having ppl in your life as just friends can work... of course difficult for awhile but eventually feelings change. You can never have too many friends right...even if you dont want that person as just as a friend?!?

Sep. 23rd, 2003

07:02 pm - nothing really

college life is amazing... classes arent to bad- homework sucks... its weird how independent you are here... its up to you to do your work and get to classes... <333 my roommates to death... Lyssa is adorable, we talk about everything & we can understand eachother- her bf & her are prob the cutest couple ive ever seen... and ive never even met the boy... Suzie is hilarious- weve had some interesting drunk/high nights and are retarded when we get started... partying is crazzzy- its like normal to drink a lil on school nights- which is screwing me over a little... i feel like ive gained a hundred pounds since ive been here (pizza and beer)... but im working on that and im def dieting... i still def dont know what id do if Jamie, Nicole and Gina werent here with me- <3 them to death
...boys boys boys... i dont hate it- right Nicole... some very beautiful ones here... but im still slowly moving on from someone else cz i dont know whats there or what isnt there... kk thats all for now

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Aug. 29th, 2003

02:23 am - righhht

its amazing how one long drive can make you feel a little bit better... left at like 1245 and came back two hours later- all i did was think... im leaving in less then 3 days and things are not how i wanted them to end with you which means i have less then 3 days to tell you what i have wanted to for the past couple weeks... nothing can make this easier on me... this summer has been incredible and you to thank for a lot of it

"I’m here without you, but your still on my lonely mind...*

... i think im ready to go... bags are packed and my sad goodbyes in hand... <3 you JH NT GP JK KS AD LM AV...

<3 mandy

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Aug. 25th, 2003

03:33 am - hmm

1. Initials: AEE
2. Were you named after anyone: nope
3. Do you wish on stars?: every night
4. Which finger is your favorite finger?: left ring
5. When did you last cry?: last night
6. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would play you?: julia stiles
7. Do you like your handwriting?: yes
8. Who are you jealous of?: K****
9. What is the #1 priority in your life? school
10. What is your favorite lunch meat?: salami
11. Where's the most strange place you eat?: bathroom in the morning
12. What store would you never be caught dead in?: dont know
13. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: probably
14. Are you a daredevil?: not really
15. Do you follow or lead?: both
16. Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? yes
17. What is your guy/girl type?: funny, respectful, sociable
18. Do looks matter?: of course
19. What is the sexiest thing a guy/girl can wear?: guy- in just shorts
20. If you were to get paid $500 after, would you sell tampons on the side of a street for an hour?: yeah
21. Have you ever met anyone famous: Jack Nickelson
22. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?: i hope so
23. Are you trendy?: occasionally
24. What do you do to vent anger?: cry- a lot
25. Are you passive or aggressive?: depends
26. Who is your idol?: late Princess Diana
27. Who is your second family?: the house of Gina/Jackie
28. Do you trust others?: i try
29. What was your favorite toy as a child?: barbie
30. What class in school do you think was totally useless?: computers
31. What class is the BEST?: phys ed
32. Do you like sappy love songs: yeah i do
33. Have you ever been on radio or television?: like 10 yrs ago
34. Have you ever intentionally hurt another person?: nope
35. Do you like sarcasm?: yesss
36. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: nope
37. Do you feel understood most of the time?: hope so
38. What things bother you?: ppl who lie when you ask for the truth & know the truth
39. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach?: sore throat
40. Have you thought seriously about committing suicide?: at one time
41. Do you know what `sctief' is?: haha- no
42. What is your nickname?: dont think i have one
43. How much money would it take before you kissed a member (your choice) of the SAME sex on the lips? um cz i havent done that
44. What radio station's do you listen to? 108., 94.5
45. Could you be a vegetarian?: yes
46. Would you ever bungee jump?: want to bad
47. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: nope
48. Have you ever given money to a bum?: yup in boston
49. What are you worried about right now?: school, him
50. Do you ever wear overalls?: just bought a pair
51. Do you think you are strong?: i wish i was stronger
52. ????
53. Do you believe in true love: never been in love, but i think u know true love when u find it
54. What is your favorite number?: 12 & 13
55. What is one thing you want to do before you die?: go to africa
56. What are you doing right now?: this & watching mtv
57. Whose e-mail address is the coolest?: Jamies
58. What do you do on your birthdays?: dinner & out doing something w. my friends
59. Would you ever get a tattoo?: have 1, want another
60. Do you look the same in your house as you do out?: sometimes
61. Would you wanna go to college again?: start in a week
62. Ever been skiing?: no- i want to
63. Ever had a surprise party thrown for you?: nopeee
64. Who is the one person you really want to see right now?: him***- my girls know who
65. Have you ever been able to finish someone's sentences?: yes
66. Say something to all your friends: <3

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Aug. 23rd, 2003

05:27 pm - bye

"Of all the things I've believed in,
I just want to get it over with,
tears form behind my eyes,
but I do not cry,
counting the days that pass me by.

I've been searchin' deep down in my soul,
words that I'm hearin' are starting to get old,
it feels like I'm starting all over again....."

"...Goodbye to you, goodbye to everything I thought I knew..."

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04:18 am - blahhh

got my babeh back today- the jimmy... then Gina, Laura and i rented Chicago- very good movie...
...met up with some of the girls and guys at wendys then back to Ntellys where we looked at porn on the computer like the past 5 nights and Ash, Ry & i tried to finish a gallon of water in an hour- what a bitch...

...everyone is heading off in their own directions soon... i dont want to leave anymore... im scared what my roomies will be like and the work i have to do... im just glad that three of my best friends are going there with me... i dont want to say goodbye to the ppl i leave behind though- even though im still close im going to miss them... but theres a time when goodbyes have to be said no matter how bad we dont want to...

Jill- good luck with everything... well miss you and cant wait till you come back in a couple of months... you will do great and keep in touch... <3

"Saying goodbye is a gap in forever,
on a Road to tomorrow, in a time of cold weather.
Saying goodbye, is only a mile.
Saying goodbye, is just for a while.."

<3 me

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Aug. 22nd, 2003

03:20 pm - past days

over the past several days i have had some of my most unbeleivable times if this summer. Summer is ending on a good note in some aspects and not the way i like it in others. The party girls and party boys have had 6 amazing rounds. But its coming to an end and we have the memories to carry and more memories to make along the way.
... It started sunday at Z's end ended thursday at Ry's- even though well make a 7th tonight... some great times on the bei ruit table, dancing, talks in the bathroom, watching some great porn, takin a run and so many more memories... no matter how ridiculous we may have looked at times, no matter how emotions came up, no matter our actions- we can just look back at laugh... "take chances and have no regrets"- and thats what i plan on... it has been an unforgetable time and with a week left to go before we all go our different ways- there will be more living it up... i have had the best conversations with my girls and the best laughter with the guys and girls... thank you all for these nights... in Karens words "It's a bad habit, yes. We do bad things, nevvvveeerrr" - so true...
...and then theres the thing i need to do for myself- my girls know- trying to let go of something that made you so happy, made you smile, made you laugh, made things a little more brighter, made you feel just a little special... even if it was just for awhile... even if it meant- nothing... thank you for making me stronger...
**"Was I a fool to think? The way you looked at me I swear you did..but you looked away too soon"**

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05:18 am - LJ

thank you Karen for setting my journal up and im making this short till tomorrow cz its like 530 in the morning... good night/morning
<3 Mandy

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Aug. 21st, 2003

03:33 am

Hello My name is Mevé and this is my new livejournal. Thanks to my favorites Telly and KSmittie:) Hope you liiiiiike it.